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Bored playing with toys? Try These Board Games!!

Cars, teddy bears, pretend plays and toys of all sorts are common for kids and they enjoy playing with it. But giving them board games to play is a whole different experience. They learn to follow rules, build strategy, work in a team and focus on winning the game. Board games are a great way to keep them engaged and they can spend hours playing with it. The appropriate age to introduce kids to board games is around 3 to 4 years. It is also fascinating to watch them play and think. Some of the board games whichy kids enjoy playing are listed here. I also plan a games night for family once a week and its a fun bonding time for everyone.

1. Snakes and Ladders by Funskool

Easiest to start with, this classic game will bring in all the nostalgia. Ideal for young kids as it has simple rules and instructions. They can also learn numbers while playing the game.

2. Brain Games by ButterflyEduFields


This easy memory building game is very engaging and fun. It also includes Tic Tac Toe and various sheets of alphabets, animals, plants, food etc to make it more fun and challenging.

3. Moving Minds by Clever Cubes

A sequencing game which enhances logical thinking and language skills. It has small pictured cubes and tasks to complete to win the game.

4. Connect Four by Hasbro Gaming

Entertaining strategy game which everyone in the family can enjoy playing. With simple rules, this classic game will make kids feel competitive.

5. Junior Pictionary by Mattle

Develops drawing skills and alertness. This junior version of pictionary is ideal to build kids vocabulary and observation skills.

6. Dino Trail by Zayn&Zoey

For kids obsessed with dinosaurs this is the perfect board game. They can learn names of dinosaurs while playing and it can be played in multiple ways.

7. Pancake Up by Shumee

A great way to introduce little ones to business and everything related to it. Enhances problem solving skills and management skills. They also learn to communicate effectively by playing this fun game.

Not only the kids, everyone in the family enjoys playing board games. It is a great way to spend time with kids and having fun with them. They also get to know about winning and loosing a game and many life lessons while playing simple games like these.

Links for all the games:

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