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Books for yound minds- Our favourite reads for year 3-5

Books are a great medium to develop various skills in kids. And for both my kids, I have built a small home library. They pick the books of their choice and read. Not only it helps in building their language and vocabulary skills, books also make them think better and different. And I kee rotating and introducing new books quite often to make reading a fun and interesting experience for them. Now that they can write, they are developing a habit of writing new words they found in the books and we discuss about them. At the end of the week, we go through all the new words. Some of our absolute favourites which kept both of them glued to pages are shared here.

1. Panchatantra by WonderHouseBooks

It has stories passed down from generations. Well illustrated graphics, easy to read and stories filled morals and learning, this book is a must read.

2. In the Jungle by Dreamland Publication

This flap book will take little ones into the magical world of jungle and animals and bring life to their imagination. Cute and smartly designed images, easy words and
colorful presentation makes it a most read one in the library.

3. Very First Sight Words & Sentences by Dreamland Publication

Useful to teach kids sentence formation and language. The bright and colorful images keeps kids engaged. Develops communication skill and makes them confident.

4. It’s Okay To Make Mistakes by Todd Parker

Shows how its important to take chances, fail, make mistakes and try new things. For growing kids who are often told to do things in a certain way, this one tells them that its okay to embrace the uniqueness of oneself. Empowering messages through simple stories, this is the book every child should read.

5. The Wonderful Things You Will Be by Emily Winfield Martin

This beautifully written book with rhyming words expresses all the feelings of parents to a child and boosts their confidence. A New York Times best seller, this is a wonderful read and strenghtens the bond of parent and child.

Perfect for the little readers, all these books are widely loved by kids all around. To develop the love for books in kids, keep adding new books and read to them. When they see you enjoy reading, chances are they will love it even more.

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