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Books for little ones- Our favourite reads for year 0-2

I started reading bedtime stories for both my kids when they started to roll and wanted to explore their surroundings. When they were infants, I got them touch and feel books, softs books and books woth sound. At this stage, choose books which are basic and simple to read and do not have much graphics. It makes it easier for them to recognise and understand better.

Also, I used to talk to them explaining the things in the books and they cutely responding in their gibberish language. They understood different levels of sound and emotions through my voice. Its fun to see lil munchkins trying to grasp as much as they can. A few of our favourite books which inculcated the habit of reading and developed the love for books in both my kids are shared here.

1. Playbook by BabyTouch Ladybird

This multi-sensory book with clear and bright graphics, flaps to turn, holes to peek into and fabrics to touch and feel will  make it easy for little ones to explore things around them. A great bonding book for parent and child as well as it would be first time the child will experience different textures.

2. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

This amazing touch and feel book shows the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly. With strong details and eye catching colors, this one will keep the baby engrossed.

3. Black & White by Tana Hoban

This accordion style foldout book with black and white high contrast images keeps the baby engaged. The bold black and white color helps stimulate development in retina and optic nerve.

4. Tummy Time by BabyTouch

This carousel playbook sits securely on the floor and encourages them to lift their head and stretch towards the book. With bright pictures, this touch and feel book will make tummy time happy time. Perfect for kids starting to roll over as well.

5. Beside The Sea by Snowie Soft

With soft fabric and dazzling bright colors, this is a must buy. With special cloth design, this book is washable and very durable. Babies can explore this book on their own and play with it as well.

All these books are easily available on Amazon. I cherished the early reading time with bothy kids and these books helped me keep them engaged. Stories and pictures are great way to encourage little ones to develop their vocal and observation skills.

Links for all the books:

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