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Best cartoon for kids to watch in India

Recently, I was talking to a friend of mine, the conversation ventured to what our kids watch and then it came to cartoons. She screeched (I can still hear her shout) when I told her I hadn’t watched her choice of best cartoon for kids- Ben and Holly!

That got me thinking about how each mommy will have her choice for the best cartoon for kids. I asked this on my Instagram blog page. The response was phenomenal. Trust me when I say this. I have discovered so many new additions to the best educational cartoons for kids list, I can’t tell you.

Therefore, I decided to compile a list of the best cartoon for kids as per me and other mommy’s.

1) Peppa Pig

Best cartoon for kids Peppa Pig
No one can not like her.

Now, this show is probably the most popular cartoon for kids. Peppa Pig is the story of Peppa, a pig, who lives along with her brother George, her mummy and daddy pig.

Why this show works?

To state the most obvious, it is a show which is simple, sweet and talks about family bonds and living in a community. Here there are no gender roles. The mommy works on a computer, daddy helps to take care of the house. All is well. Therefore, this show leads the best cartoons for kids list.

Ben and Holly

Takes the kids to a different land
You will get enchanted by the creativity here

This fantastic story is about Holly a fairy princess, Ben her elf friend and the various adventures the two of them encounter. This makes it to the second spot on the best cartoon for kids for its imaginative story. This is a more creative story, which shows the escapades of these two in a kingdom hidden to humans.

Why does it work?

This is the best cartoon for kids when they need something imaginative, with larger than life stories. The stories are more intriguing than the slice of life Peppa Pig. The show is funny, clean and a child’s delight.

3) Masha and the Bear

The best cartoon for kids who need no dialogues
So so relatable

This Russian cartoon is a silent cartoon that lays emphasis on the actions rather than dialogues. It tells the interpersonal stories of an adult with that of a child and the child with that of a bear. It is endearing and warm.

Why it works- Because it is more relatable, children today are freer than they were earlier. This makes them feel more in sync with Masha. This tells a tale without violence. The third spot in the best cartoon for kids is well deserved.

4) Wolfoo- 

This is old school animation. The 2D animated cartoon is similar to Peppa Pig.  It is the story of a cute wolf and his adventures. These are kids-safe and are designed to give simple life stories for kids. I firmly believe simplicity in the storyline makes any story the best cartoon for kids.

Why it works-

These kids are curious, they are easily excited, they have a zest for knowledge. They want to learn everything and hence they end up teaching everything. This show talks about good habits, helpers of society. Overall a fantastic watch.

5) Mickey and Friends-

Best cartoon for kids to teach about friend bonding
I am addicted to this

Well, they need no introduction. This cartoon gang has been with us all our life. They are the ones we have grown up watching. They are a group of friends who have wacky and crazy adventures, They have a mobile which they use to solve problems.

Why it works-

Friendly, cute, warm, funny, has a quest for adventure, is a loyal friend. This show teaches loyalty, bonding of friends, relationship values in spades. He is a team man who uses music to convey emotions and we all know music is an extremely important part of the growing up of kids.

6) CocoMelon- 

This is not created by animators, but parents who created small animated stories to help their sons learn. So coming from parents themselves, this is an extremely heartwarming series of nursery rhymes and stories.

Why it works- Relatable, simple and foot-tapping songs, rhymes and stories, there is nothing that can go wrong with this series.

7) Chota Bheem

Indian show for kids
Mighty and Brainy does the trick

This is an Indian series about a small boy Bheem, his friends and their adventures. It is important for kids to have a cartoon that is made in India and has Indian sensibilities and settings.

Why it works- It helps kids understand Hindi, our native language, it is again about friends and loyalty, it talks about adventures and bravery and teaches kids the importance of being friends, using your brains more than might.

Being a mother isn’t easy. After you have gone through the list of best toys for kids, you can also check out my post for must have toys for kids here https://myteenytot.com/best-toys-for-3-5-year-olds/

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