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Back to School Supplies Checklist And Shopping Guide

Schools are reopening after almost 600 days and many kids will experience school life for the first time. And though schools give a basic supplies list, we can always add those glitter pens, colorful backpacks in the cart, afterall attractive stationery makes kids look forward to going to school. My kids are preschoolers so the things I have mentioned here are for that age group. Also, include your kids while buying the school supplies, they will get things which they like and will happily get ready for school.

1. Backpack

Usually schools provide the books so kids don’t have to carry it everyday. The backpack should be able to accomodate few books, a lunch box and a water bottle. Make sure to buy those with soft padded shoulder bands without any clips so that little ones can carry it easily. And if the backpack is provided by school, don’t forget to adjust the shoulder straps according to your kid.

2. Stationery

Pencils, eraser, sharpener, a ruler, crayons and marker pens are basic stationery items. Buy those with good quality and if possible buy in bulk. Kids tend to run out of stationery often so having some extras at hand will save you from running errands.

3. Tiffin box

Go for the no spill ones with both hot and cold compartments. Along with tiffin box, do buy small containers which fit inside the tiffin box so that the food doesn’t get mixed inside the tiffin and kids can enjoy their meal mess free.

4. Planner and Calender

This one is to keep at home. It is easy to remember important dates and schedules if marked on calender written on planner.
With so many activities in school and homework submissions, a planner keeps you and your kid on schedule.

5. Uniform and Shoes

Some schools provide the uniform and some have specific shops from where parents can buy it. Do check the size and fit of the uniform omce you receive it. Also it is advisable to have a extra pair.

6. Id proofs

When sending kids to school, keep their safety at priority. Do keep a note of all emergency contacts and address details in their backpack.

7. Hygiene supplies

Sanitizer, wet wipes and a handkerchief can be included in kids backpack. Ensure that kids know how and when to use it.

With these basic essentials and lots of dreams and aspirations kids are ready for school amd are bound to have a good time learning new things and making new friends.

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