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Baby Carrier From New Borns To Toddlers.

Babywearing is my life or I should say Babywearing bought life to my life.

Being a mother of two under three is a blessing and at the same time, it is tiring. When my little girl was born I made two decisions that I will cloth diaper my baby and will use carrier religiously. I would have collapsed without a carrier. It’s difficult to step out with two kids without my carrier. We often think that babywearing is suitable after 6 months, but that’s not true. Some carriers are specially designed for newborns and can be used till toddlerhood.

If you were going to use your baby carrier with a new-born, then it is important that you understand the special needs of babies at such tender age.

New-borns weight may vary from 2.5kg to 4kg+ with the average at around 3kg+ on birth. Normally, babies neck muscles would only grow enough to hold their head when they are about 4 to 5 months old. Before they achieve neck control it’s important to make them support their neck.

Another important thing to know is that all babies are born bowlegged. For them, the curled position is the most comfortable position as this is their womb position. With time, this bow leggedness will go and their position becomes normal itself.

While choosing a carrier we need to take care of many things and these two are important.

How to select Most Suitable Baby Carrier for your Baby

Knowing these, the most suitable baby carriers for babies are the Baby Ring Slings, Soft Structured Carriers, and Baby Wraps. All these can be used effortlessly with average size new-borns, letting babies curl up in froggy style with upright neck support for the baby before they improve neck control.

Generally, people think that soft structured carriers cannot wrap as cozily around the infant compared to a sling or wrap. But that’s not true.

With little adjustment and care, you can use the specially designed carrier for infants also. I tried Cookiie Yoga Carrier for my little one and was totally satisfied. I believe the minimum weight of the infant has to be 3.5kg to use this carrier.

Let’s check out some special features of Cookiie Yoga Carrier.

Airiness/Lightness – Breezy, airy and light cotton structure Cookie carrier is designed to be worn from birth onwards. The fabric is really light and gives maximum comfort to babies.

Quality and look – The quality is superb as this carrier comes with great flexibility and breathability. The fabric is of high quality and is really lightweight.  They have many designs and color option. You can check the same on their website.

Shoulder strap padding– It is designed with slim fit waist belt and elastic buckle padding, this super light carrier ensures equal weight distribution right up to 18 Kgs TO 20 Kgs. The padding is superb and keeps us comfortable. No strain on the shoulder, you can easily walk around.

Product range and price – Carrier is priced at Rs 5500 to 5700 INR. The product is priced decently as it can be used for a long time. Totally worth buying.

Safety- This carrier comes without any insert or attached seat, this carrier fit into all ergonomic principles to grip your baby up close in the best position i.e., The M position. The yoga carrier is adjustable and suits baby’s developmental milestones. The seat can be upgraded through 3 stages and hoddie offers an easy short nap.

About My  “COOKIIE YOGA BABY CARRIER | COTTON – SANGRIA JACQUARD” (According to the company brochure)
  • Weight limit – 6 kg to 20 kg (7-44 lb) approx

  • Features – Resizable waist panel; Crossed / Straight shoulder straps

  • Positions –Ergonomic wearing positions for newborn, Front facing out, front facing in, hip carry and back carry.

  • Fabric –Woven Cotton

  • Adjustable –Yes – Height and width

  • Age –From newborn to toddler

  • Design –Ergonomic

  • Others –Padded Arms, supportive waist belt and cushioned under thigh guard for baby, elastic bands for extra straps, Handbag clip.

Above details are from their website

This is the best option if you’re thinking of long-term investment as this carrier can be used from infant to toddler. This provides a perfect support to your baby. The fabric is cool, thin and breathable. I would just request them to improvise sleeping hoods to provide the required support for an infant’s neck

You can check out the Cookiie BabyCarriers here.

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. I am using this product for past six months and totally love it.


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