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Are you a breastfeeding Mom? Learn 20 cool facts about breastfeeding.

“Breast is Best” this is not just a saying but a big truth. Breastfeeding babies and moms are less exposed to diseases. It increases a baby’s immune system immensely by supplying all necessary nutrients in proper proportions.

Here are some of the great benefits of breastfeeding your baby:

  • Helps fight against seasonal viral, parasitic and bacterial infections.
  • Babies have healthier weights as they grow.
  • Helps protect against diseases, like diabetes and cancer.
  • It is easily digested and babies rarely face constipation or upset stomach.
  • Helps decreases the risk of Pneumonia
  • Studies show that babies score higher on IQ tests!!

Breastfeeding benefits known, here are some quirky facts, about breastfeeding:

  1. Small Cup size doesn’t mean that your milk quantity is less. Yes, cup size has nothing to do with your milk storage supply.
  2. Hormones trigger your mammary glands to secrete milk. More you feed, more you produce. Lactating releases oxytocin, which makes you feel drowsy.
  3. Colostrum also is known as liquid gold contains various antibodies and growth factors. It helps in overall development.
  4. Your milk may leak if you think of your baby, you hear another baby cry or you had a full meal.
  5. Breastfeeding reduces mama’s risk of ovarian cancer, heart disease, and breast cancer,
  6. Breastfeeding saves lots of money as compared to formula feeding.
  7. The best time to pump is about an hour after your baby’s first morning feed. You can store it in a bottle and keep it in a fridge.
  8. Research shows that breastfeeding a baby girl actually reduces her lifetime risk of breast cancer by 20 –  25%.
  9. Breastfeeding assists mama return to her pre-baby weight, especially when combined with exercise (even light exercise).
  10. Breastfeeding helps the uterus return to pre-pregnancy size and makes up for overall blood loss.
  11. Babies remove 60% to 70% of the milk mama has available—they eat until their tummy is full not until the breast is emptied. So for highly lactating mamas, pumping the extra milk for an in-between feed or to donate to a ‘milk bank” is a great option.
  12. Studies show that almost 75% of all moms produce more milk in their right breast.
  13. Milk changes its nutritional profile according to the baby’s need. (milk made for a newborn or 3 months old is different from a 6-month-old or 9 months old). The water content in the milk changes according to the baby’s need.
  14. Human milk contains elements that promote sleep and calmness.
  15. Breastfeeding also calms mama and helps her bond with the baby.
  16. Skin to skin contact in the early days is really important because Mama’s breasts can sense even a one-degree fluctuation in baby’s body temperature and adjust accordingly.
  17. Breastmilk is filled with antibodies that prevent your baby against infections.
  18.  Small amount of breastmilk can also heal a newborn’s diaper rash or a sore throat.
  19. Think of your baby or watch her videos while pumping milk as it helps in let-down.
  20. According to a few reports, it shows that baby boys drink more breastmilk per day, on average, than girls.

So after reading all the facts and benefits of breastfeeding, do you plan to breastfeed your baby too? 

Well, someone rightly said breastfeeding is not a choice but a responsibility towards your baby. And for a new mama it can become overwhelming with handling the busy-ness of a new baby, the constant visitors and be feeling the need to take a ride out of the house (with the baby in tow).

In such situations, you wonder how to and what to do when your baby gets hungry in public Well once you are sure that feeding the baby in public is your and your baby’s right, the next step is easy. Choosing the right nursing wear!!

So here let’s talk about what to add in your wardrobe that’s a stylish yet practical and comfortable nursing wear?

How can you provide your child with all the benefits of breastfeeding without losing your fashion sense?

Your struggle to get right nursing wear is totally understandable. Oh, mama, you’re not alone.

Breastfeeding Moms have struggled when it comes to good nursing wear or nursing in public. How can I cover myself when out? The struggle is real. But I am thankful to brands like Mama Couture.

Being a mom she understood the challenges and need for both moms & babies for comfortable nursing and launched this amazing brand.

With Mama Couture, you get style and comfort. I simply adore their classy maternity and nursing wear. I always hated the thought of sacrificing style while being pregnant and also while nursing.

This nursing wear came right on time and made my nursing journey easy and effortless. I have tried two of their pieces, a nursing top & a dress. The length of the blue top is just right as it covers the post-delivery tummy bulge while allowing for easy breastfeeding to the baby thanks to their wrap and double layer style.  I paired it with their maternity pants which I found super trendy and they kept my tummy tucked.  Similarly designed is the red dress that which allows me to dress up feeling stylish without giving up the ease of breastfeeding my daughter. The lift-up flap on each side of the dress is easy to use and allows for nursing in public without a nursing cover which is a key bonus since my daughter hates the nursing cover..

These clothes have been washed so many times (some major side effects of having a toddler and an infant) but the colors held up really well.

I’m loving the outfits because of the practical concept of both maternity and nursing wear. I love that the fabric is easy and breathable and the flowy fabric is comfortable to wear.

They have truly nailed it. I highly recommend this maternity and nursing wear brand to all Moms-to-be and new moms! They flatter me.

Happy breastfeeding to all moms with the search for nursing wear that you actually want to wear now over.  You can check their collection right here


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