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Dear Moms,

I truly believe that early learning is very important for children. The first five years of a child’s life is the foundation stage for a bright future. Early training and learning shapes children’s future, growth development, happiness resulting in an achieving overall life.

Children are learning enthusiasts. They learn everything quickly if followed by right encouragement and attention. Parents should be aware of the different learning stages of the child. This helps in motivating the child and guide them to a right channel through the right way.

As the research shows, first three years is the most critical for the development of the brain.Always remember that children learn best when they are not pushed too hard, we should always apply positive approach towards learning, especially when dealing with kids.

I am still working on my tot and came across a lot of great products to inculcate a few habits in the child which makes learning fun. Below are a few of those products for you and I would look forward you suggesting something which you would like others to try.

  • Flash Cards –
    Flashcards make one of the most attractive activity for an early learner. They are handy and cheap resource for learning. They can be perceived as a new activity every time and my tot just loves to play with them. It also develops a little sense towards English in children.


  • Alphabet puzzles –
    Puzzles form an important educational learning tool for toddlers. Puzzle challenges their thinking and builds a thought process while playing. It helps in the development of their cognitive skills and fine-tunes their motor skill along with an improvement in the hand-eye-coordination.


  • Alphabet matching –
    Alphabet Match is a fun hands-on activity for toddlers which helps them recognize and learn the alphabet letters. You can introduce them with the lower case and upper case alphabets through this fun activity.


  • Alphabet Books –
    Books are the best source to teach children alphabets. They come in various colors, shapes and sizes. You should try reading the alphabet to the child in a funny manner and they would try to imitate it which makes it an adorable, cute and fun way of learning.


  • ABC Magnetic Board-
    The toddlers love to play and that is the best way to make them learn a few things. These boards help in recognizing the shape of a few alphabets and gives them the best exposure to alphabets pre-school.



The alphabets form the building blocks for children. They should learn to recognize the letters to make it easier for them later. The most important teaching tip is to have FUN. Let them go outdoors and experience other things too. Try making it a game which results in a good learning for your kid.

I hope these activities help all you new parents.

Looking forward to your comments and queries in the comment section below.

NOTE – Go slow and find what clicks with your tot. My tot likes a few of the above products and dislikes a few of them. Try what interests the child and you would have a good way to keep them engaged and learn a few things while playing. Happy Teaching!



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  1. Superb idea I’ll also do the sme wth my princess… bt jst now she z 4 mnths old… I hve to wait a little for oll these activities…

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