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After School Lunch Ideas For Kids- Healthy & Yummy

After a long and tiring day at school, when kids come back home, all they need is a hug from mumma and some delicious yummy food to fill their little tummy. My kids usually come back during lunch time and they tell me about their day at school while having lunch. Being from the north of India, we usually prefer a thali with daal, roti, rice and vegetable but for kids, I make little tweaks so that they have their lunch without any fuss.

1. Daal with ghee, rice, spinach cauliflower kebab, carrot sticks

Daal is full of protein and helps in replenishing their energy. Adding a dallop of ghee in it makes it flavourful and easy to digest. Instead of roti and sabzi, I included spinach and cauliflower kebabs with se carrot sticks. It is easy for them to eat, is healthy and yummy too.

2. Daal with ghee, rice, palak paneer, roti, carrot sticks

Palak paneer is both my kids favourite and it is an easy way to make them eat roti on days when they act fussy. Including one element which is their favourite in the dish makes it easy for mothers to feed them. Served with daal, rice and carrot sticks it is a win win combo for both kids and moms.

3. Sambhar, dosa, chutney

For days when they come back a little late from school, a hot piping dosa with sambhar and chutney makes it up for all the tiredness.

4. Bhindi, curd with jaggery, paratha

Paratha sprinkled with corriander and some bhindi sabzi is something no kid will say no to. Having it curd with jaggery along with it is a nice option. Adding jaggery to curd maintains metabolism, has many health benefits and provides that sweetness in the dish as well.

5. Rice, Daal, Cucumber

When the tiffin box is heavily packed, I serve them plain rice with daal and cucumber. It fills up that little hunger they have and is easy to digest.

6. Daal with ghee, mix veg, rice, carrot sticks, chapati

A full thali with daal, rice, roti and their favourite mix vegetable with carrot sticks is bound to make them happy after a long school day.

Instilling the habit of having a proper lunch instead of snacking multiple times is very important. And opting for freshly prepared homemade food is necessary to keep kids healthy and provide them the right nutrition. Lunch is usually neglected and mothers focus more on the school tiffin. As much as what kids eat during school is of concern, what they consume after school should also be thought about.

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