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Light Phir Chali Gayi!!! No Problem, let’s play Antakshari (Musical Game) for time pass.

I hope you all remember such amazing days of our childhood. When we used to sing songs, listen to the music, read comics, play different sorts of games like snakes & ladders, badminton, and much more with our family members, cousins, friends, and neighbors. The fundamental essence of all such activities was to spend quality time with our loved ones and create some sweet moments which could be cherished forever.

I remember that in every Antakshari, my team won as I made sure to have my sister on my side. She has a melodious voice and plays various musical instruments.

Singing was her passion but as time passed she got exposed to mobile phones, video games, pads, and many other such gadgets. Nowadays I barely get to listen to her singing as most of the time she looks busy with her electronic devices.

I was seriously looking forward to reigniting the passion for singing in my sister. One day, while surfing the internet, I came across a Roland E-X20 Arranger Keyboard. It seemed like the right keyboard. It has all the features which are required by a beginner.

On seeing the keyboard, she was genuinely thrilled and instantly started playing it. I am happy that now she spends a lot of time with her E-X20 keyboard. The best part is that she remembered my favourite song and she sang it for me. Thank you Roland for such a fantastic and user-friendly keyboard.

I want my next generation to come out of the web of gadgets and enjoy doing activities which soothe their mind and soul and improves their overall personality. Gadgets confine and isolate you, thus depriving you of the much-needed interaction with people in life. Music is a gift given to few chosen people. It is essential that this gift is cherished, polished and nurtured, who knows you could be the next Rock Star!!!

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