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Fun Learning Activity Kits For Toddlers – Digitox Kits Review

Fun Learning Activity Kits For Toddlers

How to keep your toddler busy?

How to raise a gadget-free child?

Being a parent my main concern is to use my toddler’s bottomless energy in a good healthy way. However, It becomes difficult at times. 

I keep searching for some fun learning activities to engage my son.  During my search struggle, I came to know about Digitox Kits. I was really impressed with the colourful, fun learning activities for all age group. They provide different activities for different age group, based on early learning. The kit helps to engage the kid and enhances cognitive skills and different motor skills as well.

Why should I buy Digitox Kits?

Digitox kits is an age-appropriate fun kit for children. Each kit contains different activity bag with materials.This promotes early learning in a fun way. It is designed by two Mothers and each time they come up with different ideas and theme. The best part of these kits is that it is separately packed with all the material inside, you dont need to cut shapes or rush to the market to buy craft material. Everything is placed and packed neatly. Depending on the child’s age these activities makes learning easy and fun.

Our DIGITOX KIT – Colour and Craft 

Colour and craft activity is basically alphabets activity.  Each activity and alphabet was in a different bag with all the required material. The colours and prints were too good that my child started jumping.

It is a handmade kit with 26 alphabets in which kids colour the uppercase letter and convert into a word which starts with that letter.


Convert ‘A’ into an arrow, ‘T’ into Tree, ‘H’ into a house, ‘O’ into Ocean, ‘P’ into Peacock, ‘L’ into Lamp, ‘X’ into a fox, etc.

The price of the kit is Rs. 700  with Rs. 40 as shipping charges(Mumbai) & Rs. 70 for others.

 Our Second DIGITOX KIT – Shapes

The moment I saw the shape activity kit, I realized that it can only be designed by mothers. They have everything intact and completely hassle-free.

It is a handmade kit which contains 10 activities for 10 different shapes

  •  Snake ( Diamond )
  •  Bus ( Rectangle )
  •  Fish ( Triangle )
  •  Robot ( Square )
  •  Butterfly ( circle )
  •  Dinosaur ( Pentagon )
  •  Popsicle star ( Star )
  •  Chicken ( Heart )
  •  Snowman ( Hexagon )
  •  Peacock ( Oval )

The price of the kit is Rs 350 and shipping charges are rs. 40 per kg for Mumbai and rs. 70 per kg for anywhere else in India. 

Let’s go through all the activities THAT CAME ALONG THE KIT through pictures.

My Experience-
  • I loved the concept of the kit as it targets one theme with different activities. It’s easy to learn about the alphabets and shapes.
  • The kit encourages cognitive skill and other skills as well. It focuses on the overall development.
  • The activities inside the kits, keep the child intact.
  • The kit contains all the material and instruction booklet for child’s better understanding.
  • The planning and placement of activities encourage independent play.
How to buy Digitox Kits?

For kits details, price and more information please visit their Facebook Group here.


Definitely, I recommend these kits to parents. These are different from the regular activity and is filled with fun and learning.


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19 thoughts on “Fun Learning Activity Kits For Toddlers – Digitox Kits Review

  1. Going by your word this box is a blessing to parents like me who lack the craft for craft! My daughter is 1.5 would you recommend me that I go for it? Or how should I begin training her for this playtime. Do let me know

  2. Wow, this box seems a blessing for kids, summer holidays are about to start and I was looking out for something interesting for my preschooler. Shall try them out.

  3. i like activity boxes. infact we as a family are hooked on to them! This one seems fascinating too, plus i see that they have lots of simple activities!!

  4. Though I loved arts and crafts as a kid I seem to be lost when having to use my imagination for my own kids. This box seems to be a solution to my problems.

  5. They have very high energy level and its our duty to use that energy through some constructive and creative work. Didnt know about this kit. After reading your review, I think I should try this one.

  6. I saw your Instagram post on this one and I was convinced then and there’s now the detailed review makes me buy to without any delay! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I fell in love with the activity kits since my son turned 18 months old. Our day never ends without using 1 kit every day. These kits are super useful for kids as well as parents to keep their kids happily engaged. And of course, there’s so much fun learning that follows. I am definitely going to get Digitox kits as well. Thanks for sharing about these kits.

  8. These are some really lovely activity kits to keep kids involved. My son is so much into crafts and this would make a great gift for him.


  9. This is exactly the thing I was looking for my little cousins. Definitely going ahead and buying it.

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