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10 Easy and Cheap Activities to help your Child develop Fine Motor Skill

Fine motor skill is one of the most important motor skill. It involves the use of precise muscles of the hands. You should encourage your child to use precise thumb finger, hand and wrist movement by some simple activities. We often talk about Gross Motor skills like walking, jumping and running and pay less attention to fine motor skill.

Fine Motor skill involves lots of attention, encouragement, time and appreciation. This skill is very important for future schooling and it leads to a smart mind.

Toddlers are ebullient to try new things. With little support, they can learn and surprise you.

Every activity doesn’t need fancy costly toys, activities can be made at home. Our house is surrounded by useful and non-useful things for the development of this skill.


  • Hand-eye coordination –

For this activity, you need some coins and a coin box. Encourage your toddler to put those coins inside the box through the space provided. This will help him to maintain a perfect coordination between the hands and eyes. This activity can be done through many ways and methods.

  • Crumbling tissue paper –

This activity is easiest and full of fun and mess too. For this, you need a simple tissue paper or newspaper. Toddler will crumble and reopen tissue paper several times, this involves wrist movements.

  • Cooking –

You heard it right COOKING. You can involve your toddlers in your cooking by simply making them stir, mix and pour things. This is full of fun and mess too.

  • Drawing & coloring –

This activity requires colors, paper, brush and lots of appreciation. Don’t force them to draw something, they are too small to picture something. Encourage them to hold a pencil, brush, and colors in the right way.

  • Stacking and Sorting –

This activity requires some building blocks. Initially stacking one or two blocks is enough for your new ones. Further, they can sort things according to the shapes and color.

  • Crafts –

You can do a number of crafts in front of your child like making paper boats, flowers, shapes etc. This will further help your child in cutting through scissors. Your little explorer will soon craft something surprising for you.

  • Playdough –

Playdough is super creative and fun activity for imaginative play. Your toddler will learn to squash, rolling and flattening through this activity. It allows children to use their imagination and have an open-ended playtime.

  • Opening and closing

Toddlers love opening and closing a door or a box. It may seem easy to you but it’s quite tough for little ones.

  • Water play

Water play offers so much value and will give your child a great early start to learning through fun hands-on play. It helps in the development of fine motor skill. They learn a lot through pouring, scooping, kicking, splashing etc

  • Threading beads

Threading beads require lots of concentration, patience, good hand-eye coordination. Initially, it can be done by threading big cardboards, blocks and further through small beads.

Toddlers love to move from one place to another and explore things. For better understanding, they touch and feel things. Applying a hands-on approach to play is good for the early development of fine motor skill.

I hope these activities will keep your child busy and will help him to develop skill.




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