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Welcome to My Mom Site!

A few things about me before we begin!

I am Deepali. I am a Chemistry Post-Grad by Education . I used to teach before my Teeny Tots were born. Now, I am a full-time mom. I love reading , writing and cooking.

I went into blogging because I believe I have a panache for writing and in my little interactions with new parents, I understood their struggles and issues with their tots. These issues and insecurities are faced by all the young parents like us. Therefore, I decide to share my on-the-mom-job learnt parenting tips, baby & mom product reviews, baby care tricks, learning activities and everything about a Moms life.

Please let me know what you think about the site and reach out to me @myteenytot on Instagram for more tips and details.

I can also be contacted via myteenytot@gmail.com.

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