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6 Tiffin Ideas For Kids- Kindergarten Edition

These days, I have been struggling to pack my little one’s tiffin. I am still trying to figure out her apetite during the school hours and what she can eat by herself. When kids are starting their school, it takes a lot of observation and trial and errors to figure out what to pack in the lunch box.
Though the school time is just a couple of hours during kindergarten, instilling a habit in kids to eat their school lunch from a tiffin makes a lot of difference. It makes it easier for them as the grades progresses and also, makes them eat independently.
Here are some tiffin ideas which have been a hit with my lil one and I find these so easy to prepare as they can be made by whipping ingredients avalilable at home.

Tiffin Box 1: Mini Masala Idli, Coconut Chutney, Melon, Almonds

Idli is always been a favourite for both my kids and these mini masala idlis are perfect to grab for those little hands. Made by tempering the idlis in spice mix with onions and curry leaves, these taste amazing with coconut chutney. Along with it, I pack any fruit which is available and some almonds.

Tiffin Box 2: Beetroot Pasta, Chocolate Ball

Beetroot is one of the highly underrated vegetables when it comes to kids tiffin. Usually, everyone serves it as salad. But making its puree and adding it to kids meals makes the dish so flavourful and appealing. This pink pasta is loved by my munchkin and I don’t add any other vegetables to it. Served with a sweet chocolate ball, it makes for the quickest but most fun tiffin box.

Tiffin Box 3: Mini Uttapam, Tomato Ketchup, Biscuits

Loaded with veggies, these mini uttapam makes for a perfect tiffin box snack. I can easily sneak in some veggies into it and kids won’t notice it at all. I usually pack tomato ketchup with it, but these taste equally good with coconut chutney as well. For something crunchy, I added a couple of biscuits.

Tiffin Box 4: Broccoli Tikki, Carrot Sticks, Ketchup, Chocos

Made with steamed broccoli and flavourful spices, these tikkis are a staple at home. I sometimes even add these in a roti or paratha to make a wrap or even use it as a burger tikki. Alsong with it, I have added some carrot sticks, ketchup and chocos.

Tiffin Box 5: Besan Palak Chilla, Green Chutney, Chocos

These Chickpea flour and spinach chilla are nutritious and delicious. These can be even served as an after school snack to kids. I have packed them in the tiffin with green chutney and some chocos.These are perfect for fussy eaters who hate spinach.

Tiffin Idea 6: Masala Puri, Apple

For days when your kids refuse to eat anything, these masala poori is a saviour. To make it look appealing, I cut them in various shapes with the help of coolie cutter and then fry them. These taste yummy on its own and doesn’t need any accompaniments. I add in a fruit, just in case they feel lil more hungry.

Do let me know how you like these tiffin ideas and what you prefer to pack in your preschoolers school tiffin. You can connect with me on my Instagram page @myteenytot and can find more tiffin ideas and recipes for kids on @teenycookbook.

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