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6 Healthy & Yummy Lunch Box Ideas For Kids

One of the most overthought question for mothers is what to pack in kids tiffin box. Do we pack something which they like so that they don’t fuss about being at school or do we pack something healthy and nutritious which makes them strong.

The dilemma and return of food in tiffins is what every mother faces. But with little planning and proper recipes, you can pack the lunch box which kids will love. But before that keep in mind the following points:

1. Do not introduce new food item in tiffin box. Make sure your kid has tried it before and likes it. Also anything you pack should be easily chewable for kids.
2. Keep portion size in mind while packing. Wastage of food or not getting them enough food is a big no no.
3. Check with school for food items that are allowed. Sometimes schools refuse to bring nuts or anything which other kids might be allergic to.
4. Choose a tiffin box which keeps food fresh and has compartments. Mixing of food inside the tiffin box may alter the taste and your kid might end up not eating.
5. Prepare easy to hold and eat meals which fit properly in the lunch box. Avoid food which can spill or has strong aroma.


Tiffin Box 1: Masala Idlis, Caramalised Banana, Tomato Ketchup, Strawberries, Gems Candy

Idlis are very nutritious and healthy and most of the kids love it. I have fried them with and added basic spices to it to make it flavourful. Along with it, there is caramalised banana which gives a energy boost. For fruits there are strawberries and as a treat, some cadbury gems.

Tiffin Box 2: Spinach Paratha Rolls, Pomegranate , Chocofills, Salted Pistachio

This colorful tiffin with green spinach paratha rolls will keep kids full. Spinach is healthy but usually kids do not like the taste of it. Making parathas with it is a good option for fussy eaters. I have added pomegranate with it and some salted pistachios. As a treat, there are chocofills.

Tiffin Box 3: Macaroni Salad, Makhanas, Oranges, Rasgulla

Macaroni is every kids favourite. Add some finely chopped brocolli and bellpeppers to it to bring in some color and flavour. Along with it, I have packed makhanas which are super healthy and nutritious and some orange slices. For something sweet, I added one rasgulla.

Tiffin Box 4: Spinach Appe, Boiled Corn Kernels, Tomato Ketchup, Kaju Katli

Easy to eat and yummy spinach appe taste delicious with tomato ketchup. With it, I have included boiled corn kernels. For the treat, the lunch box has kaju katli.

Tiffin Box 5: Fried Masala Rice, Cucumber Sticks, Curd, Cake

Fried rice with indian spices and boiled peas and potato accompanied with curd acts as complete meal. I packed some cucumber sticks and a small piece of cake as a treat.

Tiffin Box 6: Daliya Tikki, Stir Fried Cauliflower, Grapes, Pomegranate, Tomato Ketchup, Puffed Rice Namkeen

Super healthy and delicious daliya tikki is very easy to make. I have packed stir fired cauliflower and murmura namkeen with it. For fruits, there is grapes and pomegranate and tomato ketchup to go with the daliya tikkis.

All the recipes for the tiffin box are on my instagram page @teenycookbook and for the daliya tikki you can check my previous blog posts as well. Also, with each tiffin, I write a cute little note and keep it in the box. Kids feel special and loved when they read it and gives them a sense of comfort. I hope these ideas help you pack your kids tiffin with ease.

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