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5 Refreshing Summer Drinks To Beat The Scorching Sun

Being well hydrated during summers is very important to stay healthy in hot summer days and usually many people face loss of apetite when they go out in the sun. It is also crucial to keep sugar levels in check as excessive sweating might create an imbalance in blood sugar levels.

The aerated drinks and instant fruit mix drinks have negligible nutritional value and in the long term, they weaken the body. Instead, opt for drinks or juices made with seasonal fruits. Not only they make us feel fresh, they also act as a shield to the harsh heat. I have been making these refreshing drinks since a few years now and even my kids enjoy sipping on these flavourful natural drinks.


1. Cucumber Cooler

Cucumber has 96% water in it providing instant hydration. It acts as a perfect coolant for the body. To make this fresh green drink, chop one medium sized cucumber, add in a pinch each of roasted cumin seeds powder, black salt, salt to taste, around one and half teaspoon powdered sugar and 4 to 5 fresh mint leaves. Add a glass of water and blend everything well. Once done, seive it. Pour in a glass filled with few ice cubes and garnish with lemon slices and mint leaves. This light green drink works like a charm to cool down and tastes yummy too.

2. Shikanji

The good old Shikanji is what every household relies on during summers. It is quick and easy to prepare. Mix powdered sugar, fresh lemon juice, black salt in chilled water for authentic shikanji.

3. Aam Panna

Raw mango prevents dehydration by stopping excessive sodium chloride and iron loss from the body. It is also effective to cure sunstroke. To make aam panna, pressure cook or boil raw mangoes till it gets mushy and remove the peel and seed. In it add powdered sugar or jaggery, a tablespoon or two of mint leaves and green chilly paste, roasted and ground black pepper, cloves and cumin seed spice mix and blend everything nicely. Serve it chilled and garnish with fresh mint leaves.

4. Mango Lassi

The king of fruits, Mango is the best thing in summers. Its rich nutrient content and delicious taste makes up for all the irritation caused during summers. To prepare mango lassi, blend chopped mango, curd, milk, sugar and a pinch of cardamom powder. Add some icecubes and serve it chilled. You can add some chopped mango and finely chopped dry fruits to garnish this wonderful summery delight.

5. Watermelon Cooler

Watermelon has hight water content, amino acids and antioxidants which give instant hydration. Prepare this beautiful cooler by blending watermelon, lemon juice, cumin powder and black salt. Add water to adjust the consistency if required. Seive and serve in a goblet glass garnished with lemon wedges.

Do try out this yummy drinks and enjoy the summer days with kids and family. Not only these keeps us hydrated but they have good nutritional value and are healthy as well.

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