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How To Choose Correct Hair Extensions For You

Extensions are amazing and trendy products which immediately add length to your hair. There are lots of choices that you should explore, however, think about your money at hands and preference of maintenance methods. Consider what styles you need to get then consider if you’re able to afford it so that you can determine. Clip on extensions is removable and temporary.…

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15 Things Grandchildren can learn from Grandparents

Grandparents complete the term “Home Sweet Home”. They mould one’s character. Just a small word of concern & love, a touch of care or a loving smile is enough, to make them happy. The relationship between a grandchild and grandparent is an extraordinary one. While grandparents provide unconditional love, they also wield incredible influence. They always help us and guide…

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Aspects of Femininity That I Love

There are innumerable reasons that being a woman is hard, and for as much development that has been made, there is still a long way to go. Irrespective of our status in society, though, there are so many little aspects of femininity that I love. Being a Woman has so many advantages. Women get to do some things that men will BY NO…

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Meet BabyWearing Educator Akshaya NandaKumar

As the world celebrates the International Women’s day, we (Neha from , Anubhuti from and I, Deepali) host this blog train bringing together a bunch of bloggers to rejoice this spirit of womanhood. I’m so thrilled to interview, Akshaya Nandakumar babywearing educator and a very good friend of mine. Her Instagram Stories gives us some major Dabba Goals. She lives in…

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